Friday, April 08, 2005

tunnel vision

I think I might be slightly overprotective as a mother. On the whole, I pretty much let my kids do what they feel like doing and mostly this does not involve blowing things up or breaking international law, so we're ok.

They do like to dig though and this is where my problem lies.

There is an empty lot behind our house that has been sitting empty for years. Its very uneven and would be almost impossible to build on. We've sort of let the kids use it to play. Other neighborhood kids play there too. This I don't mind. It's the digging of the forts that drive me crazy. Great big holes in the ground that could have been used to film the movie Holes.

Recently they developed two seperate big holes. These needed to be connected of course, hence the tunnel. Yes, that's right. A tunnel. Joy. dug by children and barely big enough for 10 year olds to fit through. A cave-in waiting to happen.

I have declared a moritorium on tunnel building and required that the present tunnel be filled in or opened up. I'm sure their daddy would be very disappointed in me, stiffling their creativety like that.

I'm still not letting them tunnel.

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