Friday, April 15, 2005

sewing on fabric (almost)

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I used my sewing machine for something other than paper!  yea me!  I like them.  yes, it's trendy but I think that's what I like best about them.  I'm so funny though, when something turns out well, I'll get so excited about it, I'll want to make more.  Since i really don't need any more belts (this makes three) I think I'll resist.  Unless of course, someone else wants one.   Anybody want a belt? LOL! : )


Sharyn said...

Wendy wants a belt! She pointed right at the picture and adamantly stated so! LOL She's a size 5. ;) LOL

I'm enjoying your blog!! Think I might need one of these!

Gwyn said...

Too funny! I've been using "fibers" for something other than layouts, too.
I think I'm on about my 5th scarf!