Friday, April 22, 2005

Copy Cat

with all the listing going on on scrapping blogs, I felt a strong urge to make my own. not that I could make a blog with the same list theme as someone else, because that would ruin my delusions of being a creative, original person. can't have that. So here's my list and we're all going to pretend that it's brilliant. Thanks.

Ten Reasons I love my life:

1. Baby raspberries. the. cutest. thing. ever. even if her daddy doesn't think they are so cute when I have her blow them at him over the phone. He's nuts.

2. Three year old brain. "I'm a monster!" "ahhh, a monster!" "haha, I"m not a monster anymore. I'm Bubba."

3. carmel chocolate shortbread. enough said.

4. spending the day in my pjs.

5. Rebel XT. yet again--enough said.

6. Paper. lost of paper. pretty paper in pretty colors. in stacks. and alphabets. metal ones, rub on ones, sticker ones. RIBBONS! striped ribbons. lovely pretty ribbons. sigh. good times.

7. Nine year old with her daddy's musical talent. she's very shy unless you stick a microphone in front of her, then she belts it out likes she's the next Charlotte Church.

8. a six year old who thinks whatever he's just figured out doing is the coolest thing ever, be it riding a bike, jumping rope, or wrestling.

9. Blogs. current adiction that is totally affecting my writing voice in case you couldn't tell. just be glad my current addiction isn't Jane Austen.

10. five year old voice. high and sweet, completely masking the emotional hurricane blowing just under the surface.

11. the brown eyed, smoothed voiced, sexy man that shares this life with me. absolutely the best part.

so it's 11 things. I have a good life. you'll just have to be jealous. ;)

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Jess said...

Great list.

You know, number 9 made me really think about writing voice. I spend so much time trying to hone and figure out my scrapping style--which has been influenced by so many--that I never thought to do the same with my writing voice. What is it? I wonder . . . who's inspried it? . . . deep thoughts WAY to early on a Saturday ;)