Thursday, April 21, 2005

Wedding pics

I got to take pictures at my BIL's wedding last month.  I loved the oppertunity.  I loved that I got to do digital pictures with my new digital camera.  (Love, love, love my digital, btw) but I am not loving the post process.  I'm not sure what kind of work to do when.  It's hard to look at a picture and say, "yes, they will want that" or "nope, tosser!"  The reception pictures are what's holding me back.  do they want five pictures of them dancing when there was only the one song?  do they want pics of just the guests hanging around?  how about the cake table?  I'm trying to think of the pics I would have liked to have had from my wedding and I'm coming up blank.  got the formals done, its just the candids left.  sigh.  and my brother wants me to do his candids for him when he gets married next month, lol!  I think I need the full version of Photo Shop so I can do the whole batch processing thing. 

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