Friday, June 10, 2005

avoidance techniques

so the Creating Keepsakes Idea Annual calls are going out. Yes, I submitted to that one. If I were to go read the Message Board at 2ps, I would know what letter the calls are on. Aparantly they are going alphabetically backwards by first name. could they draw out the torture even longer here??? I know I'm not getting a call for this. CK hates me. They think my kids are ugly or something. (which just shows how bad their taste is because my kids are dang cute.)

so here I sit avoiding 2ps. I'll probably be heading over there soon. just because I wanted some torture for the day.

This is the last major call I've submitted for. I really can't take the pressure anymore. PK doesn't like me anymore, the other mags never liked me. Scrapbooking has become this big cometative race I'm losing. So I'm pulling out of the race for awhile. I need it to be fun again. I have scrapbooked a few pages but they aren't magazine worthy and it doesn't bother me. Now I just need to host a crop. That's a great way to bring some fun back. :)


Sharyn (Torm) said...

They're on J. ;)

They'll call you Monday for 3 layouts and you'll turn right back into a submitting maniac like the rest of us.


It's a vicious circle!

Ashley G said...

It's a long wait until Monday for us "A" gals isn't it? Sigh...