Sunday, June 19, 2005

Breakfast philosophy

I’m bucking the system today. I’m not going to write about fathers. Father’s day is almost over anyway.

You know that flavor of orange juice at breakfast, sweet and pure and delicious and just right. Now think of the flavor of juice after you have taken a bite of your pancake with syrup. The flavor is gone. It becomes this wet, slightly tart drink in your mouth. The sweetness of the pancake totally overwhelms the natural sweetness of the juice. It becomes nothing and its value is stolen by the artificial maple syrup.

That’s my life. I’m spending too much time worrying about the syrup and not near enough time just tasting the sweetness in the glass. My goal this week is to enjoy the sweet. I want to enjoy my time as a mom and not just endure it.

Life is sweet. Taste it.


April said...

Hey, I love pancakes & OJ! One of my favorite flavour mixes for exactly the reason you described. I must have orange juice with my pancakes - they aren't half as good without it. Mmmmmm...

Holly said...

Well put, Amy!! Loved your comments!