Friday, June 10, 2005

Self Portrait

I was taking pictures of my new photo arangement in my living room, to post on my blog of course, because who is crazy enough to take pics of their livingroom unless they are going to post the pics on the internet? This somehow degenerated into me taking pics of the boys, then matt sitting on my lap and taking pics of us, then I had a pile of my kids around me and I was still pressing the button myself.

They had a fun time even if I did get a bit over nervous with them actually holding my camera. we were using pretty wide angles so our faces are a bit distorted. Poor Rilla should have been looking down.


Becky said...

Love that pic of you and Matt!

BTW, I took pictures of my living post and to scrap! LOL ;) Guess that makes me crazy, too. (Not that we didn't already know that!)

Holly said...


You look so stinkin' young in those pictures! They're really great! :o)