Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Now you've got the evidence . . .

I have my quirks. Some of them I fully admit to and some of them I don't even know I have until faced with them in the moment. I had no idea how quirky I could be until this afternoon at two o'clock. The city was in the process of resurfacing our street. We had to park a block away and carefully go around the machines and construction workers. I had all five kids with me, we were packing 15 lbs of books (yup, five kids times three books each, plus mommy's, that's a lot of weight.) I was carrying the baby. It was akward. But I looked at that freshly laid blacktop and I smiled.

It was perfect. One great big stretch of road without blemish. All smooth and perfect for bike riding and rollerskating (with proper supervision of course.) No more pot holes and funny bumps. That new road makes me happy.

It made me so happy I didn't mind a bit that I had to walk a block from my car to my house with five kids twice in one day. The kids watched as they laid the other lane of road. They were fascinated by the big machines, the big dumptruck contiuously dumping loose blacktop into the machine that rolled it out on to the road like a big green pasta machine. The smell of the tar permeated the air and it got several degrees warmer as those machines drove past. The big steam roller chugged by leaving steam rising from the blacktop in curls of mist, a freshly baked chocolate cake of a road. beautiful.

so there you have it. I am crazy and I am quirky. excuse me while I go admire our new street again.


Becky said...

Amy you make me laugh... :) I take it that means they used the nice stuff instead of gravel? ;)

April said...

Yay! Happiness in little things... I see nothing wrong with that. :)