Friday, June 03, 2005

Wanted: new life

I need some structure! My life is crying out for it. I’m getting the bills paid, but what should be extra is slipping away and I am not getting the things I really want with it. My time is slipping away and I’m not getting the important stuff done. My body is not slipping away—it’s expanding. I need structure; I need to take control.

I’ve decided to give myself a schedule. It does not include me sitting here for hours every morning (because somehow this is happening.) It does include me working out every day with a simple walk on the high school track. It does include me making time to scrapbook again with no pressure and no thought to what calls are out. It does include me doing what I can get our remodeling started. And most of all, it includes me getting a handle on our budget. I want a cute house, dang it! It’s not going to come to me, I have to make it happen.

So now I have a check from PK and I have to decide if I want to buy myself photo equipment or a new entertainment center. Right at this moment, I’m leaning toward the entertainment center!


LemmingLord said...

You said it sister... Structure! Budget!! Not wasting time in things I don't really want to do anyway.. I mean, yes there is a comfort in "the familiar" of net surfing or blogging or forum hopping for me, but I've got important stuff that needs to be done too - like work on my resume!! :)

Sharyn (Torm) said...

ooooooooooooooh, I'm so with you on al this! I opened my eyes this morning and moaned. Heavily. All around me is evidence of what happens without structure.

And I bawled my eyes out at Kohls yesterday as I tried to find clothes that look nice. Blah.

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO anxious to start working on a routine again, and you are exactly right...being on here for several hours a day is not good structure building. I think it needs to be part of the routine, with a time limit. I'm working on it.


Jess said...

I hear you. I'm working on many of these same things. If you'd like, I can email a general idea of the structure of day that has worked for me. It probably wouldn't work for you, but it might be inspiring (I was inspired by those glimpses of schedules on Super Nanny).