Sunday, June 05, 2005


not an inspiring title, but we'll have to go with it today.

While Steve and I were cleaning out one corner of the basement yesterday to get it ready for the stair move (yea!) I ran across our old Mancala game. We bought it when Sarah was five and somehow in ended up in one of the "someday" boxes in one of our moves. (someday as in someday I'll get it unpacked.) We love that game. Sarah could play it at five and she learned basic strategy very quickly. Over the time the game has been lost, we have had a computer game for kids with a version of Mancala on it, so all the kids are familiar with the rules of the game. They were all so excited to see it when I brought it upstairs. Sarah and Joshua have been playing each other and Joshua is holding his own pretty well. they seem to trade off who wins, which is good for the peace in our house! I'm glad I found it now. Summer will be so much better with Mancala around.

Now I just need to get a hold of a Polyanna game. Pollyanna is the game I grew up with. My daughter is the fifth generation of Hilliam women to play the game. Sounds impressive doesn't it? Really, Pollyanna is just an example of how games become traditions. Every family has a game they all play and they all enjoy. Parents teach their children and somehow this family game becomes a tradition. That's Pollyanna for us. It's based on the rules of Parcheesi, like Sorry and Trouble. Four players take their pieces around a board by rolling dice. It's a perfect game because you can visit so easily around the board. There's time to talk and laugh (and since you can send other players pieces back home, burn off a little steam.) It has stayed mostly a game for the women, although my brothers do play. We usually fill the board with Mom and sisters first. Whenever we all get together a game is absolutely on the schedule. Yup, I need a board. I have three girls now. Just enough to start our own Pollyanna tradition. (I call red!)

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