Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I read too Fast

I'm done. I waited two years for the book and I'm done already. I had it in my hands on Saturday and I was done by that evening. I shouldn't be surprised. That's how I eat chocolate. I don't savor; I devour.

Yes, I'm talking about Harry Potter. I discovered the series right before book 2 came out. before my almost ten year old was even born. I love Harry Potter books. they are fun escapism. I'm glad that my daughter is now old enough to share the excitement with me. She devours the books too. She's read them more than I have.

We even went to a release party with my sister and her daughter. My sister is a big enough fan that she posts on a message board for HP fans. We walked to the store and on the way home she read the first chapter outloud while the three of us listened in and the girls kept trying to read over her shoulder. We have plans to attend a release party for book seven together. There's a huge store in Portland I want to be at for that one.


THM said...

Yeah, I know what you mean. I read straight through, all day Saturday, and by Sunday I was wishing I had another Harry Potter book to read. I hope book 7 comes fast.
Btw, I think I know who RAB is. If you want to know, just ask me.

Catny said...

Ben and I shared the book and finished on Sunday. I am already looking forward to the next one. I didn't like the end of this one. I didn't think she needed to do what she did at the end. I don't know why she is obsessed with killing people off. I guess if you keep introducing new characters you have to kill them to get rid of them. At least Diana would agree with that method.