Sunday, July 31, 2005

yes, it's really Bedlam

that banner is huge. I'll probably change it in a few days so I don't overwhelm too much. I did want to post that picture though. It's so quintescentially Joshua. It's my life. I don't often talk about how crazy my kids are on my blog but believe me they are nuts.

Take last thursday as a fine example. The baby is (still) sick, so we aren't doing much of anything. we stay home and the kids are getting stir crazy. by the end of the day, I had had enough and sent them all outside to play even though it was very hot. I was a nice mommy and said they could play in the sprinkler. So they go get soaking wet and try to come back in. I said no. They switch the sprinker head for a spray nozzle and get each other even more wet and try to come back in. I said no. They proceed to turn the front flower bead (sans flowers, we're still working on it. I guess you could call it the front dirt bed) into mud pies. then, you guessed it, they wanted to come back inside. I made them all go play in the back yard after this. five minutes later, Bubba is back in the house bawling because his brother hit him in the face with a bat. yes, a bat. Joshua didn't mean to hit Matty, he was actually trying to hit himself. yes. himself. don't ask. I didn't. I couldn't bring myself to so I have no clue why a seven year old would want to hit himself in the head with a bat.

This is a normal day at my house. This is why I call it Bedlam. fits doesn't it?


Becky said...

Yep, sounds like bedlam to me! ;)

Can't believe Libby's walking. She's not supposed to be that big yet!

Helena said...

Bwa-ha-ha! That picture is just too much.

THM said...

Your kids, crazy? naaah! not those kids. ;)
The real question; is it genetic, or learned behavior, or both (I'm going with the third one)