Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Summer all summed up

Nine o'clock is my favorite time in the summer. Dusk is starting to settle in and the heat is disapating. And my children are usually in bed. This is the time that Steve likes to mow the lawn.

I love watching him too. He loves the puttering around in the yard stuff. He even likes to mow. When the house is mostly quiet and i can hear the hum of the mower out the window, I feel compeled to go out and see him. He looks so content, with his routine, up and down the yard a slow march behind the mower. The air feels good after a day of scorching heat and the summer smell of fresh cut grass permeates everything.

Summer isn't my favorite time of year, but in these moments I can apreciate it for itself. a time to unwind and let the world pass. A time to let go of the day to day and find the moments that define your life.

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Holly said...

Ahhh, what I wouldn't give for the heat to even disapate at 9pm here! But I suppose that would be a good time to mow the lawn! ;o)