Friday, July 29, 2005

my town is stupid

so you remember my beautiful perfect road? the one I gushed over? the one I was willing to carry 30lbs of books and herd five kids for? yeah. that one. the one that is no more.

They gravelled it this morning. laid the tar and then a horribly uneven bed of loose gravel over it. there are piles where they laid out too much and holes where people have already ruined the surface with their tires. It's yucky. Oh I'm sure they could show me how this nasty gravel bed is supposed to make our lovely blacktop last longer. personally, i think the windshield replacement guys have been bribing the city council.

yet once again, I live on a stinky road. sadly it will take years for it to smooth out. we really don't get enough traffic to press it flat enough.

sigh. I never did get out my roller blades, either.

(see you didn't know I had roller blades did you? I'm not that predictable. People can now say "Amy had roller blades ? . . . . huh."*)

*please excuse my lousy Friends reference. we just started Netflix and we're starting at the begining.

1 comment:

Helena said...

You had roller blades?

So what's the purpose of putting the gravel over the blacktop? That seems weird to me.