Sunday, July 24, 2005

Ten Years

That's how old she is. Ten years ago I was laying in an old hospital bed holding a sleeping baby. My first baby. I had a pillow over my stomach to protect my incision and I was desprately trying to figure out the nursing thing. (I didn't get it figured out with her. my milk went away less than six days later.) She was so beautiful though. dark brown hair. opaque blue eyes that I was sure were going to stay blue and everyone else knew they weren't. Her blue eyes didn't last two weeks. She was so tiny and her cries sounded like the mewing of a kitten, tiny and squeeky.

We've had fun with her. She's always been intelligent and curious. She could recognize a letter as a letter before she was ten months old. She could distinguish the A and the E when she was a year, name all the letters at 16 months, and read before she was 3 1/2. She reads so well now that she's had a hard time finding books at the school library. There are shelves and shelves of books she's not allowed to read because they are too far under her reading level. She read the entire Narnia series in first grade. Read Harry Potter 1-4 in second grade. She spends hours everyday reading. Reading the same books over and over or devouring a new one. I love that I've been able to share my love for fantasty books with her. And she likes Anne of Green Gables too. how cool is that?

She's a great big sister and always wanting to help with the baby. She and Joshua fight like cats and dogs but she almost never fights with Rilla or Matt. she's pretty even tempered and is sensitive to other people's feelings.

I'm glad she's my girl. Happy Birthday, Sarah.


Becky said...

Happy Birthday, Sarah!!

LemmingLord said...

Playing Favorites
I Live To Hear "Uncle Ben!"
Two Digits Like me!

Helena said...

This is really sweet! I hope she enjoyed her special day. :)

MarilynH said...

Amy this photo is fabulous! such beautiful colors. What a sweet girl. :)
Narnia in first grade??? Holy cow. I loved that series.

Speaking of Narnia ---did you know the character of Aslan the lion was based on The Savior? I just loved Aslan so much!