Friday, July 29, 2005

more ooohing and aaaaahing

I am up late playing with pictures. thought I would post my favorites from this evening. don't you wish you had eyelashes like that?
true baby style, she eats everything. that's my lens cap. well, my only lens cap. I seem to lose them pretty easily. gotta love her dimples in her fingers. makes me want to do that "Sqeee!" thing that only women can do when they see a baby.
and that is the face I love. sigh. what a cutie.

all photos taken with my Rebel XT and 50mm lens. 400ISO, f-1.8, around 60 shutter. (I was in AV mode. it varried a bit) the sepia tone was done in camera in the BW parameter with sepia toning. red filter effect.


Ashley G said...

Amy, LOVE those pictures!!! She's a doll.

Nicole said...

What a sweetie!

Becky said...

She's a cutie alright!

Helena said...


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