Thursday, January 05, 2006

Libby has discovered writing instruments. I would say crayons or pencils or pens, but frankly, she likes them all. If it makes a mark, she's all over it. or should I say, it's all over her . . . and the wall and paper and books and my fridge and anything else that writing instruments will mark on. Isn't she cute?

This morning I have pen marks all over my arms and hands. I'm so pleased with her tatoo designs I think I'll keep them on me for the next week. Oh wait, they'll do that themselves anyway! oh joy!

I'm sure she's a future artist. In the meantime, I'm buying only washable crayons and pens and if I can find them, pencils too. Markers will all be thrown out immediately.


Jess said...

Everything that's not kept in a small jar in the kitchen is washable. Even the markers. When gifts come into the house that have non-washable writing utensils, they "get lost."

That said, I'm still finding pen marks and crayon marks on places I never knew Emma even was with said things.

Good luck!

Kristi said...

I love the Color Wonder stuff by Crayola- it is a Mom's best friend! They think they are cool using markers, but it doesn't stain anything.