Tuesday, January 03, 2006

out of the mouth of Bubba

Matt has a way of saying things that is sometimes just right. Today he called Libby a baby kid. is there a better description for a toddler?

she's trying so hard to be a kid right now. When she finds a shoe, she brings it to me to put on her foot. She runs around with the big kids trying to play with them. She wants to feed herself and only what they are eating. She watches tv with them even though she hasn't a clue what's going on. She wants to be big just like them.

A baby kid. yup. just right.


Holly said...

Man, our baby kids are so much alike! lol...Olivia is so into feeding herself right now, and certainly does NOT want anything cut up into bite-sized pieces!! Too funny!

Carin said...

Your Matt is a quiet the sage.
I like the term baby kid.

Becky said...

Baby kid...that's cute!

karen said...

Baby kid - perfect! With twins you don't get the "wanting to be like big brother/sister" thing. You just get the "I want to strangle my brother/sister" thing. Not nearly as cute. *sigh*