Monday, January 02, 2006

Just about failed at number seven

I was without internet for four days. The first day, I did alright. I finished Sword of Shannara (and decided it's way too much like LOTR. Balinor the prince who's on the outs with his brother, the reluctant hero that meets the bad guy alone, quest with dwarves and elves, the wizard that guides everybody, etc.) I spent time with my kids. I spent time coughing. lots of coughing. I spent absolutely no time at all working on scrapbook projects.

after four days, though, I was going nuts. How many shannara books can one person read at a time before they go crazy? (2.25 seems to be my answer, despite the pile of seven next to my bed.) There just wasn't enough to do and I have photos to order and communications to make and my sanity to preserve!

Luckily, the internet guy was very helpful and had us up and running in two minutes (well, after the ten minutes on hold. I do not feel that my call was very important to them at all.) and my sanity is back.

I do still need to make my new years resolutions. and they will be resolutions. it's the same as a goal to me and I like the word. it means I'm resolving to do something. The word implies and decision to me. It's more than a goal; a goal is just a nice thing to shoot for. anyway. it will probably be something like be a nice mommy for once, get more scrapbooking done, not take myself so seriously, and get my photo business moving for crying out loud.

but I'm back and you can all be entertained by my lovely stories again. aren't you excited?


Kristi said...

Of course, we are happy you are back!

torm said...

I'm roflmbo because my new years post talks about how i choose to make goals not resolutions because it's better. roflmbo but i do concede that the result may be the same. hahahah

Karen said...

Yes! Of course we're happy that you're back. Ecstatic, I'd say! I like your resolutions and your view on resolutions. Happy New Year!