Friday, January 20, 2006

She's Got Skills

so the other day, Libby decided she didn't want to nap anymore. Really didn't want to nap. I tried letting her cry it out in her crib. She kept protesting. Then, strangely, I hear the crying, continuous and unbroken by breath, come closer to the door. There's a little pawing on the door.

oh yes. my sixteen month old child learned to climb out of her crib. (For posterity's sake: on January 18th at 12:24pm) Just up over the side like that. I put her back in in the hopes that it was a fluke. nope. up and over and out again.

It's just not right. sigh. Bedlam, I tell you. This place is Bedlam.

PS, Cathy, there's a new photo in my photo blog ;)


Jess said...

Have fun with the transition to the bed (insert dry tone and eye roll). I feel for you. Maybe it was just a one day thing. Emma threw herself onto the floor once and has remained in her crib every day since (not always happily, however).

Holly said...

Oh, dude...that sucks!!! O has never done that, but here in a couple weeks, she'll be in a bed, and I can only imagine the havoc she will reek!

Cari said...

OH man!!! No more quiet afternoons for you girl! Sorry!
My middle one did the same thing at about the same age and I was so shocked when I found him at the top of the stairs with this huge grin on his face! I couldn't help but break out into laughter myself.
Now, my youngest is 14 months and I'm wondering when he's going to venture out on his own. HOpefully not too soon - I still need that couple hours of peace!

Proud Grandma said...

I have the smartest grandkids!

Ashley G said...


I am soooo sorry.

Alissa said...

ugh! good luck to you! totally not jealous.