Tuesday, March 28, 2006

8 days

and counting until my birthday.

just needed to remind my mother. She used to needle me about how I was born six weeks late and she had major health complications because of that. Then she forgot my fifteenth birthday. Literally. Forgot. My sister asked what I wanted for dinner that night, it being my birthday and all, and mom said "huh?" sheesh. didn't even try to fake it. We are so totally even. ;)

This is also for Steve who likes to have me make wish lists even though he never ever sticks to it.

1. a small camera bag for my XT. not just any small bag. I want this one: Crumpler 3 million dollar home It will fit my XT and the kit lens and I can take my camera with me places without looking like I'm about to head out for a major photoshoot.

2. the odd size measuring cups to match my William Sonoma set. Yes on the list again. I seriously want this, people.

3. a reflector stand. Steve does not want to buy this for me because it's for my buisness (ha! ok, my pretend business we all pretend is real) and he says it's not a fun gift. dude! it's fun! really!

4. a gift certificate to a scrapbook store. not scrapbook stuff. a gift certificate. I like choosing stuff myself.

5. A Wacom tablet. this would be so cool. especially since I want to enter the Carolee's Creations scrapbook aprentice contest and it would be excellent for designing papers.

6. and just to throw it out there: an Alien Bee strobe. I could live with one right now. really. I could . . . but only if I had a reflector stand. LOL! sorry, only funny to me aparantly.


Mom said...

Thanks for the heads up and the list. I've quit giving you a bad time about the way you came into the world, so you can quit giving me a bad time about forgetting a birthday. :) I also need a book list from you for the kids so I can get them ordered.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Becky said come over and wish you happy birthday, so that's what I'm doing.