Monday, March 20, 2006

Starting Over

I have a hard time with exercising. I hate feeling tired. I feel that way nearly all the time anyway, so why would I want to make myself feel worse on purpose? I also hate sweating. I can fix the second problem, though.

I've taken up swimming. so far, I've only completed one week's workout. Three days of 30 minutes of continuous lap swimming. I'll be alternating adding five minutes and adding crawl laps into the routine. Right now I just do breast stroke the whole time. It's not the hardest workout ever, but it's what I need. Just to get started.

I've done workout routines in the past. I remember my first try. Sarah was 18 months old and I bought Cindy Crawford's workout tape. The first few times I did it I made myself literally sick. Then I found out that I was pregnant. I have tried walking, workout tapes, eliptical machines at the gym, whatever, I've done it and dropped it. It's that whole making myself tired on purpose thing. I don't get the energy burst from workouts that people talk about all the time. Even when I keep it up for months, i don't get that. I get lots of burned calories, but not much in the way of energy. It makes it hard to keep going, to get myself up an hour earlier, to go work.

So, I'm starting over. I want to keep it up this time. I want to get back in shape, to wear a smaller size of jeans, to actually look nice at my sister's wedding this summer. I have a feeling that I'll be starting this goal over many times over the next few months, but as long as I keep starting over, I'm ok.


Cathy B said...

Oh you trying to keep up with me now huh? I haven't started swimming yet but it sounds fun. You can do it! I hope all of us sisters get looking our best for our last fling at being bridesmaids. I hope this is our last time anyway. :)

~Krystyn~ said...

Oh good luck with the workout plan - I feel your pain. This is my first visit - I love your picture @ the top - so cute!!

Annie said...

Mind if I join you? Except I'll be walking. 30 min 3+ times a week sounds good. I wouldn't mind dropping a size or two. It's been a long winter and too many munchies.

Jess said...

GOod luck! I never thought I'd say this, but I love going to the gym and start to feel yucky if I miss more than two days in a row. I LOVE swimming . . . I should add a day or two of swimming.

AmyG said...

i'd love to be able to have somwhere to swim for exercise! lucky you! :)