Wednesday, March 22, 2006

How to get around a mean mom

My children have a knack for getting other kids to give them things. I swear everytime they go somewhere they come home with a new toy they got off their friend. They tell me that they don't ask for the things; their friends are just generous and offer them the stuff.
This drives me nuts. I don't like my kids begging or making their friends think that they have to give their stuff away to be friends with my kid. It's partly a charity abhorance and partly they have enough stuff of their own and partly the idea that if my own kids gave away anything other than McDonalds toys I'd be mad (extenuating circumstances do apply.)
How they manage to get junk off other poeple I don't know. They are power manipulators, I guess. I do know they are too smart for their own good. Yesterday, Joshua came home with another toy from a friend's house . . . and this note:

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what the heck do I do with that?! sigh.


Becky said...

I don't know what I'd do with it, but that note made me laugh right out loud!

Gretchen said...

OK I am laughing SOOOOO hard!! hehehe!! that is SOOO adorable and SMART and FUNNY! ;)

Mom said...

I knew they were smart kids!

Cathy B said...

How about this line? I know you like the toy how about if you give it back to (insert child's name) so that it will be there to play with next time you go over to (insert child's name). Of course I don't have kids so what do I know.

Amy B. said...

Cathy, you would think that would work. but no. my kids don't go for that one. they really don't like it. which is why Joshua brought home the note, so I wouldn't try that line on him again.

Annie said...

Oh my, they make their friends sign a toy release form! LOL!!! You have such smart kids. I see a great future in sales & acquisition for them! :)

I kind of have the same problem with Jessie, who convinces all her friends to "trade" toys when they visit. I just try to have the kids over to our house pretty promptly and make sure Jessie gives away some of her own toys. And after she's given up a few beloved toys, she tends to lose interest in the whole "trading" game. :)

Gwyn said...

That is absolutely hilarious! The note, that is. Kids are just kids, it'll pass some day.

Or perhaps they'll make their fortunes in sales one day. My youngest brother sure has! Of the three of us, he'd be the one writing notes like this!