Thursday, March 16, 2006

sigh. not as cool as I thought I was

so yesterday all the calls were made for Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame contest (all this spelled out for my mother's sake, my friends know what HOF means.) I was feeling pretty good about myself because I didn't get all crazy hanging over my phone. I didn't start throwing things when everyone except Creating Keepsakes called. I even felt happy for all the people who did get calls.

I was feeling so good about myself. I'm a cool person. I am in control.

HA!! today the calls are being made for the honorable mentions in the same contest. I'm a wreck.

excuse me, my mixer says it needs to make cookies. and maybe pretzles. and my car says it wants me to run to the grocery store for chocolate.


Becky said...

Hang in there....and have a little chocolate for me, would ya? ;)

MarilynH said...

Did you know Hersheys has a new darker chocolate? :)

I am thinking of you today! best of luck :)

AmyG said...

hang in there. save some dough for me.

Kristi said...

AmyB- hope you found some chocolate!

Alissa said...

Amy, I have some emergency Ben & Jerry's in my freezer - want it?! ;)

Lucy said...

Oh and FYI...Ethel can't not be cool. After all, what would Lucy be without her? ;)

SO there. You're still cool. No matter what a contest says.