Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Husband Scoreboard now reads: 500pts

Steve was at a gas station yeserday buying a sandwich and saw they were giving away their candy racks. So he brought me home one. it's pretty cool. It holds a ton of stuff. the bottom shelves would hold 12x12 paper but I don't trust Libby to leave it alone. LOL! so I spent my morning organizing.

because it's a candy rack it's got those little slots in the ends of the racks so I can slip lables in. I'm going to use patterned paper too so the whole edge of the rack will be cute.

here's my rack:
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Debbie said...

I have been reading your blog for some time now and love the funny stories you share. I also use blogger and wondered if you could help me figure out how to do the photo banner??? debbiebrenner@yahoo.com
Debbie Brenner
Houston, Texas

Don the Younger said...

Hey Amy,

Rack looks awesome. Steve gets "mad props" for that one.

I am thinking the scoring system is a little one-sided. But that is to be expected

Jess said...

That is awesome!