Monday, August 29, 2005

Been tagged

Becky tagged me in the latest game of blogging memes. I have to describe five weird traits. I'm thinking hard, because you all know I'm just the most normal person in the universe. ;)

1. I can't stand having people stand behind me. my comfort space extends at least twice as far behind me as it does in front. it's especially bad if they are trying to read over my shoulder. ugh.

2. colored things must go in rainbow order. we have rainbow plates and they must be stacked in the cupboard and in the dishdrainer in proper order. M&M's are eaten in order (brown goes next to red.) it's all I can do to not rearrange the crayon boxes.

3. I dont' like pencils. I will do math with a pen in order to avoid pencils. they are scratchy.

4. when I say something makes my teeth itch, it really does. I get a weird crawling sensation on my teeth when I touch certain textures. cotton balls, velour (but not velvet), flat wall paint, etc.

5. I like fresh new roads. I do not like fresh gravel.

ok, enough about me. I'm tagging Jess. ;) I promise this is the one and only time I will tag you though, so you can keep reading my blog, k?


Becky said...

Ahh see now even after knowing you for all these years, I had no idea you liked your dishes stacked in rainbow order, even in the drainer! LOL :)

Love ya!

April said...

Yep, you're weird. LOL Just kidding. I did learn new things about you though! Doesn't everyone have a particular way of eating m&ms? Seems that way. I just eat them in color groupings - sorry, too lazy to put those groupings in rainbow order. ;)

THM said...

If need help coming up with a longer list, let me know. I know I could come up with a few more. Btw, I though #4 was unique to me.

Helena said...

Why not rearrange the crayon box? Makes sense to me.