Monday, August 22, 2005

When Mama Sets the Schedule . . .

Standing in my mother's kitchen, I picked up baby. She smelled like she had a problem.
"oh look you made a present for Daddy! Let's go find him."

I carry her into the livingroom, expecting to see Steve on the couch. No Steve. but wait! there's a flash of moving curtain to the left. I inspect it. There is the top of my husband's head peeking out from behind the chair. He was on the floor cowering from that poopy diaper.

"It looks like he heard me." I gasp out and then I actually collapsed to the floor laughing.

He still had to change the poopy.


Helena said...

Ha! Poor Steve.

Christy said...

Amy, thanks for the tip on the toilet paper. I might just had to get over my habit if it means picking up a whole unrolled roll of toilet paper off the floor!

Torm said...