Saturday, August 20, 2005

"mommy listen to my story"

Matt has reached the point where he wants to narrate his play for me. He's so cute about it. Everything is a story. Yesterday at the pool, he pretended to be different kinds of fish.

"I'm a hugging fish. I'm going to hug you."

Then he was a twirling fish, and a kissing fish, and a jumping fish, and a bird fish, just about any kind of fish a three year old boy could imagine. And of course, he was a shark. He chased around the kiddie pool "I'm a shark! I'm going to bite you!"

Libby thought he was quite funny until he tried to sit on my lap. Then demon baby came out. Aparantly, my lap belongs exclusively to her. She was yelling and growling and pushing on him until I could get him shifted somewhere else. It seems she's jealous now of me. Silly girl, she's number five. She's always got to share.

oh and yes, I got a sunburn. ouch.

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