Friday, August 19, 2005

routines are changing

School starts in four days. All three of my school aged kids are very excited. They have their backpacks packed with their supplies and they are registered and ready to go.

This will be Marilla's first year. she's so excited and so ready. when they did their evaluation for Kindergarten she got an almost perfect score. (she didn't skip and she didn't know where her knuckle was.) She loves that her classroom has toys in it. She's so close to reading but not quite there yet. I'm fighting mommy guilt over this of course. She should have been reading by now if I had spent the time with her that I spent with the other two, maybe not at three, but definately by five. I just didn't ever read to her as much as I read to them. and it's not like she never asks.

I only have a few more days of everyone at home. No I'm not that sad about this. It has been fun to have them all playing together, but I'm ready for our school routines to start again. They are ready to get some time away from each other. The bickering just ruins any chance of me accomplishing to do list item number seven.

we are going school shopping tomorrow with my sister Cathy (hi Cathy!) It's been a tradition since Sarah's first year and we all love it. we spend the day at the mall and then go have dinner together. It should be a fun day.


Becky said...

Have fun shopping!

I am SO ready for school to start, too!

Gwyn said...

Amy, Do not feel guilt over her not reading. These kids go to school to *learn* to read, LOL. As an educator, I honestly believe this downward trend to early reading is responsible for the increase in learning disabilities. If they're ready to read, that's fine. But it's not required upon entry to school. At least, it shouldn't be. If you've read to her, she has the love already, and that's what counts!

And have fun shopping!