Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Random Tuesday

I have a lot percolating through my brain today, but I didn't want to do seperate entries, therefore, I will be random and squish them all into one.

Potty training was successful yesterday. Matt wore pants all day and they were same pair from the first to bedtime. Isn't it funny how it goes like that? They just don't get it and it feels like you will have to homeschool your child through eighth grade just so they don't have the embarrassment of wetting their pants in front of the whole school and then all at once, they do. it's like a little potty training switch. anyway. he's already in pants this morning and I hope to do as well today as we did yesterday.

I have packages to mail today. a big pile of them. This means I have to drag five kids to the post office. Pray for me.

My oldest has been gone for a week. we missed her. the baby was so excited to see her last night and this morning. it was adorable. What is not adorable was how the oldest two were fighting before 8:30. sigh. when does school start again?

I think we have started the weaning process. We are down to two to three meals a day. I thought Libby would be on the whole eat all day thing until she was two. She doesnt' even seem to miss me that much. I guess it's part of her growing up. I never thought I would feel so sad about weaning. I am grateful I got this chance to nurse my last baby. I looked at her sleeping last night and she looked so big. She was so long and her face looked older and all of the sudden I missed my baby. How dare she grow up! She's supposed to be my baby forever. I understand now why every mother the world over spoils the last baby. How can you not? they have your heart all tied up and held for ransom.

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AmyG said...

haha! loved your comment about the post office. prayers are definitely needed going int her with kids. I despise it as well. lol