Tuesday, August 30, 2005

just like all the rest

My baby is screaming right now. why is she screaming? because the book was too short. yes, the book. She crawled to me carrying The Monster at the End of This Book in one hand, crawled up on my lap and handed it to me. I read it to her with all the right voice inflections and she laughed and laughed. Then when it was over, she stared at the back cover in shock. How could it be over? I read her another one. She ran out of handy books and now she's screaming. She wants more books. More reading. She can't get enough. my one year old will sit quietly and patiently for at least five books.

The other day, she got a birthday card from my grandparents. I had to make up a story to go with it because she thought it was a book and sat down on my lap ready for one. She was mad it was so short, so I had to tell the story three times. Grandpa's cards have never gotten so much love.

Yup. just like the other four. Can you tell they are my kids?


Jess said...

Sounds like my house, but Emma's reading The OTHER Monster at the End of This Book. Read that one yet? Elmo's in it. I'm so tired of that book! But I love that she loves books, so what can you do?!? Just started Harry Potter with Jake--so excited that he wants to read chapter two tonight!

Helena said...

That's hysterical! "Read me this card, Mommy!"

I love The Monster at the End of this Book.