Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Amy's Amazing Fantastic Christmas Wish List

Fantastic because it's almost complete fantasy ;) but just for fun I'm going to post the stuff I'm dreaming of this Christmas.

1. 600 tc sheets. They also sell 1200 tc sheets, but I think I can settle for the 600. ETA: Ivory.
2. a Pistol grip ball head and a set of tripod legs to go with it.

3. a cute button up shirt. something like this would be nice. or one of these so I can do that layered thing I keep seeing everybody doing.

4. Bazzill cardstock. in packs too.

5. Canon 28-135mm IS USM lens.

6. an Alien Bee flash strobe in either Martian Pink or Alien Green. I just think about what a difference this would make in my flexibilty as a photographer. I could take my little sushine with me where ever I went. :)

7. a reflector stand. absolutely essential with the Bee.

8. a background stand. maybe not that one but something good quality that's portable. and a nice backdrop.

9. of course, if I'm dreaming, I want this for my photo studio. or when I turn the upstairs computer room into my photo studio. (did I forget to mention that, Steve? don't freak. I did say I was dreaming) oh and some muslin to hang on it ;)

10. The Architect's Brother by Robert ParkeHarrison.

11. Photoshop 7 or higher.


L said...

I could probably send you Photoshop 7 if you'd like.

Santa said...

The sheets don't come in yellow or sand...please clarify.

Mom said...

There's not much there that a poor mother can afford, even it I understood what most of them were.

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