Saturday, November 05, 2005

When Restaurant Owners Watch Too Much Trading Spaces

Steve: where's the salad bar?

Me: Over there behind the covered wagon.


Alison said...

Too funny!

Sarah said...

Amy, in search of something to do on a Sunday which didn't include cleaning, organizing, or interacting...(you know, the whole keeping the Sabbath day holy thing)I've read your entire blog. Ordinarily, I'm a lurker, but am in the mood today to make a comment or two today. First of all, you are a good writer and have some valuable, insightful things to say. Second of all, amen to your post about all of the mushy-gushy scrapbooking and how it makes one feel a bit inferior. I love my kids, but have begun to think I'm a bit of bad mom because I don't always feel as rosy as some of these scrapbbookers. I think I'm going to do a page entitled--"IMAGINE! I want to run away..." or something like that. Anyway, the point is, reading blogs like yours reminds me I'm not alone and not certifiably crazy (at least not yet anyway). Thanks for posting.
Houston, TX