Wednesday, November 16, 2005

It's not an obsession. really.

I organize my favorites list in IE in folders and sub-folders. There came a point where it was too long and I couldn't find what I needed, so into folders it went. There's one for scrapbooking, one for photography, etc. The scrapbooking one also has several subfolders, like magazines. I like this system because it means I can find the link I need.

I told you all that so I could tell you this: my favorite blogs folder now has sub-folders. Yes folks, it has gone that far.

also in Bedlam news:
Libby has advanced enough in taste she can recognize sour milk. isn't it sad that I know that this is a milestone in babies lives and they can't always distinguish that sour milk is yucky? Wanna know what's even sadder? every single one of my kids have learned this one pretty early. says something about me doesn't it? please don't judge too harshly. There's no rotting food under the couch. ummmm. maybe. we cleaned out from under that late last week. anything under there shouldn't be rotting yet. ;)

Matt has been asking me to spell stuff lately. all the time. "how do you spell dog? how do you spell cup? How do you spell dinosaur? how do you spell discombobulated?" ok not really the last one but if I said that word to him he'd ask.

Rilla is asking me to spell stuff for her too. only she's trying to write the words.

Joshua has declared he will wear his jacket (the one from Aunt Cathy) until the snow flies. I hope he doesn't get too cold.

Sarah is willing to tell friends to stuff it when they are being jerks to her. good girl.


Alice the Brit said...

I am so with you !! IE favourites (yes I spelt that right!) are all in folders with subfolders, the blog one too!!

Jess said...

I do folders too. Can't stand an unorganized computer!

Carin said...

Amy be careful I think that orginazation thing is catching.

Gwyn said...

I need to organize my folders better than I have. Hmm, I never even thought to create a blog folder!

~**Dawn**~ said...

oh i am the same way with my folders & my subfolders. found something great for my blogs though. check out where you can set up all the blogs you enjoy & it will tell you when they've been updated! you can even do the folder & subfolder thing there too! ;-)