Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It's Like an Acid Trip I've never had

So I finally got to watch the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I wanted to see it in the theaters but since it costs $60 to take the whole family out to a movie, we waited until it went to DVD. We got it from Netflix on Thursday and we watched it four times before we sent it back. I loved it. I knew I would, but it's nice to have those feelings confirmed.

first off, no I didnt' like the little addition of WW's dad into the story, although we had to laugh at their casting. Daddy is the ultimate bad guy. Not only was he Saruman the bad wizard in TLOR trilogy, he also played Count Dooku, the sith lord in the new Star Wars flicks. good choice. Only a man that evil would throw chocolate on a fire. However, the addtion of the dad just seemed a bit contrived, like they were coming up for motivation for WW to extend the end of the movie.

The music was so fun. Danny Elfman really let his hair down on this one and went back to his rock roots. The homage to himself that is Mike Teevee's song is cool and funny and very cleverly done. It great fun to hear Danny Elfman being fun and not just creepy. I love that the lyrics are the ones that Roald Dahl wrote, preserved in all their sick humor and unapologetic truth. It would have been so easy to slick them up and go too PC. Luckily, Tim Burton never worries about PC.

The visials are gorgeous, with their over saturated colors and swooping lines, the sets were like dream version of themselves. very beautiful. Very Tim Burton. I love Tim Burton visuals.

The movie wasn't just fun to look at. I liked the script too. for the most part, the small changes were fun (the puppet introduction) with one exception of the Dad storyline. They stuck to the book! I adore Roald Dahl's books. I love their quirkiness, their honesty, their off beat humor. I love that Tim Burton played all that up instead of trying to tone it down like they did in that travesty that is the 70's version.

Yes, I hated that one. I hated Gene Wilder, he's too serious, too mean, and not weird enough, he's just a bit off, not really weird. I hated the story changes they made. I hated the scripts. the changes. oh and the charlie in that one isn't meek, he's a dork. ok, so Jonny Depp's mediocre performance isn't deserving of awards but it's better than Gene Wilder's masacre of the character.

So coming from that, loving the book, loving Tim Burton's work, and Danny Elfman's soundtracks, is it any wonder that I loved this movie?

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