Thursday, November 03, 2005

The Blog Archives meme

I usually don't do the blogging memes. I think I've done maybe two, but I ran across one recently that really sounded interesting so I had to try it.

go to your 23rd post and the 5th sentence in that post. Ponder this for meaning and hidden subtexts. I was all over this. how cool. I can get all deep and philosphical and show how deep and philosophical I've already been and not sound like I'm bragging! whoohoo! So off I go to count post and sentences and I find it: my twenty third post. Which, coincidentally enough, was the first blogging meme I ever did. cool huh? The fifth sentence of that entry reads . . . are you sure you are ready for my deep meaningful thoughts? are you? ok. I said:

"Thanks. "

LOL! yes. that's it. shows me doesn't it? I get all excited about it and then hit a brick wall. sigh. I did however find this little gem in the same post:

"9. Blogs. current adiction that is totally affecting my writing voice in case you couldn't tell. just be glad my current addiction isn't Jane Austen. "

I thought it was funny considering my recent entry where I had, in fact, been reading a lot of Jane Austen. (btw, give Mansfield Park a pass. yawn.) ok, maybe it's just funny to me. I'm giggling anyway. I'm glad you are just reading this, because in person, I would probably be getting some funny looks. I do take on the writing voice though of whatever I've been reading a lot of. I can't help it. I even think that way. What I've been reading just twists my thoughts into whatever sentence pattern the author of that book tends to favor. Sometimes it's fun. Sometimes it's annoying. What's really annoying is that I once got a C on a Genre paper because I couldn't call up the writing style of the literary critic I was supposed to be emulating in the paper.

BTW, if you are now trying to place the first paragraph of my post from this morning, I've been reading a lot of Douglas Adams.

oh and I'm supposed to be tagging someone with this. I think I won't, but if you do it, please leave me a link in the comments. I'd love to see it. I do hope you get a better sentence to play with though ;)


Torm said...

I just did mine out of curiousity.. My 5th sentence of my 23rd post. "The house thing?" Darn...I should've known to stay away from that temptation. I'm going to cry again. waaaaaaaaaahhhh!!

Becky said...

I played...mine was a little happier than poor Torm's, though!

MarilynH said...

Your blog is always a fun read. You are so witty! I hadn't heard of "meme". LOL what is it?

I'll have to try it out on my blog.

MarilynH said...

ROTFL Mine was, "He plays soccer."


Sophia said...

Great entry! AND I LOVE Elizabeth's new video at the Pub. I always enjoy opening your posts because she gives me a smile! Now, I'm off to find my fifth line of my 23rd post!


April said...

Fun entry Amy. Mine was "Utah doesn't have anything that comes close to being an equivalent." Uh. Okay.

Gwyn said...

Ha, I think I'll pass on this one, I don't even want to consider the thought!

I think the "writing voice" thing is what happens when I'm with someone who has a different accent--you should have heard me when I was in Tennessee last month!