Friday, November 04, 2005

Scholastic--The School Sanctioned Crack Dealer

We always make it a point to buy books at the school book sales. It supports the schools, the kids would hate us if we didn't, I get to feel like a good guy, hey, everybody wins!

Except of course, we had to go and choose too well at the last book fair. I bought Libby the adorable book Knuffle Bunny. Why, yes, it is as cute as it sounds. With fantastically clever lines like "And by the time they got home, her daddy was unhappy too." and my favorite, "well, she had no choice . . . . Trixie bawled. She went boneless." Adorable. Clever. Everything a good book is supposed to be. I was terrifically pleased with myself. Until Libby discovered it. I am now forced to sit and read Knuffle Bunny six times through at least once a day, preferably (for her) twice a day. Even six times is not enough. I must read more! more! Libby bawls. She goes boneless. I am tempted to hide a book . . . again.

Yes, I have hidden books. I am that kind of mother. There is only so much Very Hungry Caterpiller one woman can take before she goes certifiably insane. Unfortunately, I hid that book too late and that's why I now run Bedlam. If I don't hide Knuffle Bunny soon, Steve's going to have to find me a padded room. Luckily for Libby, the idea of a nice, quiet, padded room is very appealing.

btw, if you would like to join me in my padded room, there's a link to Knuffle Bunny in my new sidebar section "what we're reading." bring the chocolate when you come. I'm sure I'll have run out.


Mom said...

I love that book. I gave it to Charlotte for her birthday this year. :) At our house "the book" was usually "Monster at the End of This Book".

Gwyn said...

"School sanctioned crack dealer!" Cracked me up. I kind of miss those days of repeated reading, though. Enjoy them, even if they drive you batty--they'll be gone so soon!

Wendy Reed (Wishin4MoreTime) said...

Oh, I love Scholastic!!! My son is in 8th grade now and they don't get those anymore. But I used to get as excited as him when he brought the paper home from school.

Love your photo banner!

Ashley G said...

Don't make me recite Goodnight Moon from memory... it it permanently embedded in my brain. Permanently.

Helena said...

LOL! There were certain books that my mom refused to let us get from the library. Scrambled Eggs Super was one of them.