Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Late Fall

I've enjoyed the warm weather we had all through October. Days up to 70 degrees. it was beautiful, just perfect for being outside. I'm not much of an outdoor person except in the fall and spring, so I always apreciate it when I get a few extra days to enjoy it.

There are drawbacks however. The leaves haven't fallen much yet. My kids keep wanting to make big leaf piles but there just wasn't enough on the ground to do it. Until yesterday when the leaves began falling in large groups. Today it's raining. Just when we get enough leaves to have fun, the fall rain starts so it's too wet to enjoy them. dang it. so much for fall photos. guess it's time to cave up in the house again.


Sherri said...

Amy, the POD brought me to your blog. I've enjoyed reading! Cute 'boots' pic btw.

Becky said...

Those dougnuts look way too yummy up there! LOL