Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I need more time is what I need

have you seen the google "needs" game? it's getting pretty popular. I saw it first about a month ago and filed the idea away but didnt' do anything with it. then this week Becky played it, so I thought it would be fun to dig up and play myself.

However, I am foiled by my slowness. Aparantly this meme is all over the blogs and done by lots of women named Amy. The game is you type your name needs, so I would type "Amy needs," into the Google search box. you list the top ten results in your blog.

My top ten results were ten blogs written by Amy's who have played the game already, lol! so here it is, my cheater lift of someone else's blog (with my own comments in italics, I didn't stoop to lifting hers):

Amy needs a new pair of shoes--I actually do. I'm just too cheap and picky to find what I want.
Amy needs to either wake up or start getting some extra will-power
I don't believe that Amy needs sex --I think Amy needs to not comment on this one
Maybe what Amy needs to do is to make up to her fans --dude! I have fans??
Amy needs an emergent Caesarean--How do C's emerge? is it a gradual thing? does it come out of truly connecting with my pregnancy? can I have one if I'm not pregnant and never plan to be pregnant again? teehee. that was a fun typo.
Amy needs to manage her time more effectively than ever--so very true.
Amy needs to spend a few years working in office environments. --good. I need the break from my real job.
Amy needs to get to town from the village.
Amy needs roommates--got six thanks, although it would be nice if they paid some rent.
Amy Needs Help!! so true it's scary.

and the one I found on my own not as part of someone else's blog:
Pit bull mix Amy needs some training.

but in reality, Amy needs to get to work. It's time to get serious about candy making. oh and making PJ's so I can have five children in cute matching pj's for Christmas morning. oh and present wrapping. oh and staying sane. that's always on the list.


Don the Younger said...

Your game sounded fun, so I thought I would play. Since I don't have a blog, I am posting my results here.

1. Don needs a date (no additional comments needed)
2. Don needs his love (see 1.)
3. Don needs help (ummm see 1.)
4. Don needs to get those teeth filed down by the dentist. (I do have a couple large canines, but that is my latent vampire genes I believe)
5. Don needs one of these! (link went to a R/C Airplane)
6. Don needs to get a life! (see 1.)
7. Don needs our help (campaign website, too little too late I guess)
8. Don needs a loan. (Don really needs a gift of large amounts of cash, don't believe the loan thing)
9. Don needs a coalition partner.
10. Don needs underlings. (Oh yeah, lots of underlings to do my bidding, hot female underlings, applications being taken)

Kristi said...

Yours turned out SOO funny!! My favorite is your comment on the roommates!

Jess said...

I'm going to have to Google myself. LOVE your commentary. And you make PJs for 5 kids?!? You are my hero. Heroine. Whatever--you're it.