Wednesday, December 07, 2005

In Which Amy Reveals How Much of a Nerd She Really Is

Don't you hate it when you get too good at online arcade games? you know, when you get to level 14 of making Tribble like creatures disapear and you manage this feat through rough moments of only being able to move two ways and you display amazinging amounts of puzzle solving acumen but through it all you keep thinking that you've been on the computer too long and you really should do something more productive, like say clean your fingernails or feed your children or read a book but you can't stop because you've never actually made it to level 14 before and you are proud of this accomplishment and yet ashamed at the same time and really kind of bummed that you can't brag about it to anyone because it's really the most lame thing you've managed that day and not exactly bragging material but you still want to tell somebody even though you are actually tired of the game but keep playing because it's, like, level 14 (!!) and you can't blow it now or else you know you'll never get back to level 14 even though in your heart of hearts you know you will go ahead and play the same dumb game again probably the same day despite the ennui you've developed over it in achieving the great accomplishment of level 14 (!!) and then you lose?

yeah, me too.


Kristi said...

You make me laugh, Amy!! Congrats to you on level 14!

Carin said...


Helena said...

LOL! Hey, I'm really, really good at Hexic. And Blix. And I beat Nisqually, several times. That's really something. :)