Thursday, December 22, 2005

Squeemish Men May Skip This Post

Libby has a little game that she gets a kick out of. It started from her habit of putting her hand down my shirt. Yup, I nursed her. I don't know why she does this. It seems to be a comfortable position for her. I think she just likes to feel my skin. I do try to deter her, but it doesn't seem to help much.

Her game is this: she sticks her hand down my shirt then pulls it out and pretends to put something in her mouth and eat it. Then she says "mmm." It's hysterical. The first time she did it, about two weeks after I weaned her, I laughed for five minutes. I knew she missed nursing but it was so cute to see her find a way to tell me this. Now she does it just because it makes Mommy laugh.

Silly girl. Of course, I will make her stop before she goes to kindergarten.


Cathy said...

hey your photo a day site is sadly progressing to be a month out of date. :)

Karen said...

But wouldn't it be a cute trick at kindergarten show n tell?! ha ha ha. I love the innocence of kids and I love that Libby feels so close to you. What a sweetie!

MarilynH said...

so funny and so darling!!

I have a friend in the ward who's DD sticks her hand down the blouse and it makes my DH so uncormfortable when we are talking to her and this happnes. LOL

torm said...

perhaps she trying to find the golden nipple, er, the haystack? LOL