Friday, December 02, 2005

When in Doubt, Quote Princess Bride

the latest blog I added to my list: I am not left-handed Karen Burniston's blog. you know, Karen, practically the inventor of the rub-on. (No, it wasn't Making Memories. Scrapperware came first. ;) ) I don't know her personally, I just followed a link from Ms. Sharyn's blog.

Her blog is hysterical. A very fun read. one of those personalities that makes you think "If I were to have a slumber party, she'd get an invitation" and then you would make sure there would be no fizzy drinks at the party because those hurt too much when they come out of your nose when you laugh while you're trying to drink, which you know would happen because it would be that kind of party.

I would do a TPBQOTD but I'll leave that to Karen.


Helena said...

Dude, it's "Burniston." It's right there in the URL. ;)

Fun stuff!

Amy B. said...

I editted the name. just so Helena would look silly ;)

Helena said...


Karen said...

Hi Amy! Want to hear a funny story? My husband's cousin called me on Saturday, (that's not the funny part, wait for it) to get gift ideas for my son, and she said that her mom had told her I had a blog but didn't know the URL. So she googled me and found my blog through someone who had posted about me on their blog and said I was funny! So you totally connected up the cousin! Isn't that funny? Plus, I had to google myself to see if I could find who said I was funny and lo, (and behold) I have another cool blog to add to my favorites! *smooch!* Thanks!

ALSO - slobbery smooches for remembering my teeny little Scrapperware line AND that it preceeded MM's rub-ons. They have the riches, but I have the bragging rights. Only I don't brag, because that would be uncouth. Plus I'm still crying over the lack of riches. ha.

When's the slumber party? Can I come? Can I?