Friday, December 02, 2005

My Husband is a Stinker

I had a really bad night last night. What I call a "wall" night. basically I feel like I hit a wall and I can't function any longer. it usually happens when I haven't been getting enough sleep. Steve took over and let me get a break from the kids for a couple of hours which was nice. then I got up and watched Shop Around the Corner (cute old Jimmy Stewart movie, I would recomend it) with him and proceeded to medicate with chocolate chips.

I tend to do that with the chocolate chips. mostly because they are the only kind of chocolate I keep around the house. Steve gave me a hard time about it so I handed them to him and asked him to put them away for me.

(this is where the stinker part comes) This morning as I fielded the fourth temper tantrum performed by my almost four year old in a 15 minute period (sadly, not a record,) I felt the urge for chocolate. But my chocolate chips were not in the door of the freezer where I keep them. my stinker of a husband had tried to hide them from me. I think he had better stop that.

btw, love, I found them. pbbbbttttthhhhbbb to you.


torm said...

oooooh, he is so living on the edge trying something like that!

THM said...

of course that title isn't a revelation to any of us who know Steve.

Steve said...

Just to set the record straight--I was shuffling stuff around in the freezer to get my breakfast and lunch prepared and the stupid chocolate chips got buried on ACCIDENT. I am not a crook :)

Love ya Amy!