Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Another of life's big questions

Have you ever noticed that whenever one of those housekeeping magazines has a list of easy housecleaning tips they always include the one about using your iron to get wax off a table cloth?

Which raises the question: Is wax on tablecloths a common problem? How many housewives daily dispair of ever getting the wax out of their cloth but are saved by the handy tip list in the magazine she picked up at the grocery store (when she went to buy milk and aparantly candles) in the hopes that the "68 fast housecleaning hints!" would save Grandmother's heirloom table cloth from the ravages of Candle Lite Black Cherry? Never in my eleven and a half years of housekeeping have I gotten wax on a table cloth. Not even when having Candle Light Suppers with the vicar and the Mr. Snow of the Snow Plant Nursury (who appears in his own commericals!) (PBS tv reference. you can all feel free to say: huh?)

Some days I look at those helpful hint lists and wonder if it's the same list they have been publishing for 40 years, just recycled every six months. Either that or I am missing out on some secret housewife sorority where instead of a secret handshake the password is "to get wax off your Grandmother's heirloom tablecloth place a clean cloth over the stain and iron using medium heat until the wax melts and is absorbed by the clean cloth."

So tell me, ladies, is the food good at the meetings? 'cause I'm all for parties my kids can't find.


Ashley G said...

I think I have used a table cloth once. ONCE. ...and not around open flame.

Mom said...

I've been at this a long time, and I've never found the party. Never had to get wax off a table cloth, either, but have used the same process to remove melted crayon. That was at work, though.

Gretchen said... tablecloth issues for me because I dont USE one! ;) there IS melted wax on one of the bedroom carpets...hmmmmmmmm>>>LOL!
Thanks for the laugh today!

Kristi said...

I don't have wax on any of my tableclothes either, but I do tend to favor the kid friendly, vinyl throw away kind. Count me to list of people who have wax somewhere that they can't get off. Thanks to my nephew a year or so ago, there is Banana Bread candle smeared all over the backside of my red slipcovers.

Carin said...

Amy you are so funny. Hey if you find the party let me know I am always up for a good party.
No wax on table cloths here.

Jess said...

And did you know that to remove wax drippings from a candle you put the whole thing in the freezer? I just rip them off . . . I must not have been paying attention during last month's party ;).

**not that I already knew about the freezer tip . . . just read it in a magazine at the gym**

Karen said...

"Keeping Up Appearances" - Hyacinth! I can NEVER find anyone else who knows about & loves Hyacinth & her Candlelight Suppers!! :) Too funny! And no, can't say that wax on my cloth tablecloth has ever been a problem. Of course, being in the kiddie years, most of my tablecloths are vinyl, & it's fairly rare that we eat by candlelight...except when the electricity goes out!