Wednesday, February 15, 2006

He really should take me seriously

so on the ride home from the airport two weeks ago I showed Steve my hands. "see how nice and soft they are?" he's driving so he didn't look that close. "um, yeah. they're nice."

"wanna know why?"


"no! it's because I haven't washed dishes in five days. well, ok, lotion too."

then he laughed. He laughed! he did not take me seriously or believe me that not washing dishes could have anything to do with me having nice hands. How could a family of seven and no dishwasher not equal yucky hands? And now I sit here with cracked skin at the base of my right middle finger and dry yucky hands. See. I know what I'm talking about.

tsk, tsk. you would think he would know that after 12 years. (of knowing me. just 11 of marriage. don' t know why I feel the need to clarify that but I do.)

I still love the guy. He bought me a two pound box of chocolates for Valentines Day and that's gotta count for something, don't you think?


Gretchen said...

UGH! We didnt have a dishwasher at our house until just before Christmas!! Well we did..his name was Matt (my dh) but now we have one cause i got a new kitchen! WOOHOO! :) I hope you get a dishwasher soon! the nameless machine kind!

Holly said...

Mmmm...two pounds of chocolate...mmmm! ;o)

karen said...

If I ate 2 lbs of chocolates I'd gain 10. How does that work, exactly? I did the "no dishwasher" gig for over a year and that was enough for me (and my hands). Have you tried rubber gloves?

Cathy B said...

Wahoo! two pounds of chocolates I am going to be the smallest of the brides maids. :)

Don the Younger said...

Nice one Cathy.

I am working on leaving no doubt who the skinniest of the brothers at the wedding is. Of course with Scott and Ben coming I have to settle for 3rd skinniest over all.

I've had some of this fat so long that it is being stubborn about leaving though.

MarilynH said...

Amy! you need a dishwasher, man! that is terrible you have to wash that many dishes. Now I know why you think about the amount of dishes it will take to cook and serve a meal. ;)
My inlaws didn't have a dishwasher when--he was oldest of nine kids. The kids would do the dishwashing so you can imagine that I always checked the silverware and glasses when I ate over. ewwwwww!