Thursday, February 16, 2006


I really have a boring life. It's sad when you can be consumed with convincing enough women to spend a total of $300 on shirts. Of course, I wouldn't have been consumed with it if I hadn't already had $275 of shirts bought. That last $25 can take a lot out of you. Dude, I need my credits! Thanks to an online friend I can relax and not be a pushy jerk anymore.

It's also a sign of a boring life when the big decision is whether or not to join the library lunchtime book club. (right now leaning to a yes. I have a friend who needs a babysitter once a week and she's begging me to get a life so she can return the favor.)

The big event for today: we're heading to my mom's again so I can watch the olympics. One of the major drawbacks of not getting decent tv reception (and choosing not to buy cable or dish) is that I don't get to watch the Olympics. Since they only happen ever other year, I have learned to deal with it. Luckily my mother knows how to work a VCR, otherwise I might break down and call Dish network. ;)

btw, Joshua's surprise was a card for both me and steve. it's a cute red construction paper card with a pop up, hand cut heart inside. he's a sweetie. :)

oh and funny story: we went to an awards ceremony for Joshua on Monday. It's an award involving all 13 grades (k too.) and over 50 kids done once a quarter. The newspaper failed to show so the superintendent grabbed Steve out of the audience because he was holding the biggest camera outfit. It was my camera and flash. He took the pictures for the school and I'll be dropping them off with a deep discount on the charge and a few buisness cards. sadly, he was the one taking all the pics and it's my buisness. I'm going to take advantage anyway.

ah the excitement that is my life. I'll bet you are all just getting a craving for movie theater popcorn reading it, aren't you?


Gretchen said...

Wheres the popcorn!? :) My life is similarly sad. :) Oh well!

Cathy B said...

Did someone say popcorn? I will watch anything if there is popcorn. What are these shirts of which you speak? No one has approached me to purchase a shirt and I have a back and everything.

Kristi said...

Amy- I am enjoying the ramblings-keep them coming!!