Wednesday, February 22, 2006

RSS Feeds

anyone know a good tutorial for adding RSS feeds to your blog? i would also love to be able to use RSS feeds in other blogs. a link would be nice. ;)

(I tried googling it on my own and ended up with a bunch of pages that looked like English but were completely uniteligble.)


torm said...

no earthly clue

Cathy B said...

I thought I spoke English until you started talking about RSS feeds. I don't think you have to actually feed your kids imaginary friends.

Anonymous said...

Go into your Blogger settings, click on "site feed" and turn on your own feed - and get the link for your own feed.

Then use which will give you great tools for both publicizing your blog via RSS and using RSS feeds on other blogs, etc.

Hope that helps!

- anonymous 2peas lurker

~**Dawn**~ said...

your blog is already set up with RSS feed! know how i know? because i enjoy your blog & i'm subscribed to it! =) i use something called Bloglines to subscribe to RSS feeds for many of my favorite blogs. as soon as you log in, you can see which blogs have been updated. i *love* it. maybe that helps? =)