Saturday, February 18, 2006

paint me yellow and call me a banana

We watched War of the Worlds the other night. Not a good choice for me. I'm the type of person that sees freaky shapes in shadows and jumps at weird noises in the night on a regular basis.

Over all, I've made some pretty good choices about my movie viewing based on that. I watch 30 minutes of Signs and left the room. I turn people down when they offer to lend me their copies of horror or scary suspense movies. Nope, ain't doing it. I still regret being talked into watching Sixth Sense because I was tired of people making hints and feeling out of the loop. That movie kept me up at night for three days. I kept seeing movement out of the corner of my eye. I swear I lost about five years off my life.

So I hear about War of the Worlds, and not having a tv to see the previews with, I'm picturing a part that Wil Smith might have turned down. Spielburg goes back to his roots. Oh, I'm familiar with the story, I have been reading science fiction since I was 8. Wells is classic. But dang. seriously. dang. yes it was slow. yes it was tom cruise at his most wooden, but it was Spielburg at his most Spielburgiest. Only spielburg can be so slow and so emotionally draining at the same time. Dakota Fanning was fantastic, btw. did she need counseling after that? yikes.

Of course, Steve had to tease me. He found the movie suspenseful but not as scary as I did. Yes, I'm a wimp and a scaredy cat. Yes I took a sleeping pill before I went to bed and no it didn't work.

I'll always be the nerd at the slumber party who has to call her mom because everyone else wants to watch the Exorcist. sigh.


Holly said...

Oh, Amy! I'm that same way! The Sixth Sense kept me up night after night after night as well! I had to sleep with the bathroom light, the hall light, and the kitchen light on when I first saw that! And it was in a tiny college apartment, so that was a whole lotta light for one tiny place...and I was still scared to death!

AmyG said...

i would have called my mom to get me too if everyone wanted to watch the Excorcist - that's one movie I've never had the desire to see.

One creepy,but good one is The forgotten. I'm assuming you've never seen The Others or the Village. lol good ones both.

Gretchen said...

LMBO! I am SO the same! We recently watched War of the Worlds here too! I wasnt too impressed with the movie itself...but it managed to scare me! NICE! ;)

Mom said...

Thanks for the warning. I'll skip that one! (Now you all know where she gets it from.)

LemmingLord said...

I've never liked the gory stuff, but Shamalan's suspense has an exotic pull that I love. I gotta say I wasn't amazed with War of the Worlds - though I adored the death ray effect. It was so easy to empathize with the tom cruise character when he realized he's covered in people dust!

Scariest I've seen that doesn't scare others is called "Momento" about this guy who has lost his short term memory and is struggling to get revenge on the man who killed his wife. It is done in reverse so you are as clueless about what is going on as the main character. I am very attached to my memory!!! It is freaky to imagine being without it!!!

Kristi said...

Count me in too! I don't do scary movies- haven't ever been able to. I got WOW from Netflix- because Troy was tired of my chick flick choices. Then he fell asleep watching it and I stayed awake shivering under a blanket. Very freaky!