Saturday, February 11, 2006

A story that does not mention my mother

Steve lost the can opener while I was in Vegas. (no you may not call him Hansel becauase he was Gretel's brother and that's just . . . ew!) He looked all over the house. He started opening his tuna with knives. (he has tuna daily so that's a lot of wear and tear on my cheap knives.)

I helped him look when I got home and we couldn't find it, so we finally broke down and bought a new one. It's not a Swing-a-way, but I could deal with that for the purpose of opening spagetti sauce cans and tuna. (I've mentioned how much a scrooge I am before. yes, my family doesn't even rate the store brand in jars. we buy the sauce in the #10 can because it's the cheapest.)

Thursday I watched my neighbor's two year old while she went to a doctor appointment. That kid was not here two minutes before he came up to me and handed me the missing can opener.

How the heck do toddlers do that?


torm said...

LOL at Hansel! haha!

Send that kid over...we've been missing our pizza cutter for MONTHS!!!

Gretchen said...

Hey! We lost OUR cheese slicer...WHERE is that thing!?LOL!

April said...


karen said...

How do toddlers find things? The same way they lose things! Plus they're really close to the floor. Different vantage point, and all. I still maintain that the PC can opener is the way to go. It's an INVESTMENT in your health, the way I see it. My old can opener was BOAB! (Bocculism On A Blade)