Friday, February 03, 2006

CHA: Sunday

I woke up at 5:30 am in order to get to the airport on time. the kids all rode in their pjs. poor Steve. LOL!

I got into LV around 10:30 and discovered I had left my sketch book in the seat pocket on the plane. Such a dork moment. It has every scrapping idea I've had for the last six months plus a lot of personal info that I did not want anyone else seeing. Of course, I don't remember this until after I'm outside the gate area and I have to go to the lost luggage room to get a pass to get me back through security so I can run up to the gate and get my notebook. I get back and this takes me an extra half hour. Kristy was cool and waited for me even though she'd been sitting and waiting for me for an hour already.

We dropped our stuff off at the hotel and went straight to the convention center without even seeing our room. We stayed at the Stratosphere, btw. My first impression of the convention center was that it was huge. I would love to know how many square miles that sucker covers.

It took until nearly eight o'clock to finish setting up the booth. It looked cute though. (picture here) Kristy showed me my rub-ons which I hadn't gotten to see before that moment. It was so amazing. Dork moment number two: I cried.

we left and discovered that Michelle was at a different hotel and not rooming with us. sad, but she had a good hotel and a shower to herself. it worked out. None of us had eaten all day so Jason took us to a Quiznos. mmmmm toasty. Hit the spot. we crashed at the hotel.

isn't that a nice boring report? ;)

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Jess said...

Your rub-ons look FABULOUS! All of them do, really. So exciting! Can't wait to hear about the rest of the trip.